The ORACLE™ Lifestyle & Relationship Application

The Oracle™

The Oracle™ by Kaliopi Eleni Live your best life with The Oracle™! Sign up today and begin receiving your personal Oracle™ forecast and well-be...

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Kaliopi Eleni performing bellydance at the Oz Asia Festival

Why Dancewear?

When I was a little girl, in late 1960’s Adelaide, South Australia I would be dazzled by exotic belly dancers who performed at all of the Big Fat ...

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Day 37 Hum of the Earth Crackle of the Sky Tour the red road back home


Day 37 Happy Solstice! Homeward bound. And so our 40 days in the desert “Hum of the Earth crackle of the Sky tour” comes to its conclusion. My agen...

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Day Thirty Six of our Tour The contours of Uluru Kaliopi Eleni Silk Dreams Collection inspiration


Day 36 Riding on the energy of the Solstice and with a good night’s sleep under my belt, I woke before dawn to watch the sunrise viewing of Uluru. ...

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Day 35 Hum of the Earth Crackle of the Sky Tour Uluru


Day 35 A wild night with fellow travellers at the Oasis at Kings Canyon (dancing on tables involved) thus a slow start this morning. Destination Ul...

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Day 34 Hum of the Earth Crackle of the Sky Tour Kings Canyon


Day 34 Kings Canyon. A 4 hour Rim Hike. It is one thing to visually observe beauty, and another to move organically within the contours of the anci...

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