INTRODUCTION - Hum of the earth crackle of the sky tour

How does a fashion designer create or be inspired to create a new collection? Follow Australian luxury fashion designer, actor and adventurer Kaliopi Eleni as she goes in quest of answers to just that question. Join Kaliopi on her personal odyssey across the great Australian outback and way, way beyond to discover what she found!


Seeking inspiration for her luxurious Silk Dreams exotic, silk collections of loungewear, sleepwear, lingerie and intimates and an escape from Covid lockdowns Kaliopi got very excited to witness the famed Stairway to the Moon in Broome, Western Australia (WA). A naturally occurring lunar event that happens every full moon each month. Broome’s unique position and orientation on the far west coast of Western Australia at the very edge of the ancient Australian landscape known as the Kimberly's makes for a rare and unique experience that could be on everyone’s bucket list, if they only knew about it! It was most definitely on Kaliopi’s and absolutely drove the urgency to make this journey. Some of the largest tidal movements in the world occur here on this part of the far West Australian coast. The sea, dramatically pulled by gravitational forces of the moon in combination with narrow underwater restrictions created by the shallow seabed floor and shape of the continental shelf cause these huge tidal movements and flows of water. Whirlpools occur routinely because of the huge tidal flows. 


Kaliopi Eleni, luxury Australian designer is inspired and embarks on an amazing odyssey across the great Australian Outback and way, way beyond! Discussion of the intended journey had been in play for some months but the timing just had not been right for a number of reasons including Covid. All of a sudden, a window of opportunity appeared and then additional excitement when it was discovered the full moon was not only going to be a super moon it would also be in total lunar eclipse. Logistical planning began in earnest and the trip was soon to become a reality! There was a sense of urgency now, to get organised and get on the road to be able to reach Broome, WA in time and some 5,000 plus kilometres down the proverbial dusty outback track away! Equivalent to driving from San Francisco across the entire United States all the way to New York city! Kaliopi was about to embark on an outback journey of a life time!

Hum of the Earth Crackle of the Sky tour is born!

Join us, (Kaliopi and partner) as we trek across the vast, ancient Australian landscape, through the red centre, and way, way beyond the great Australian outback and be inspired with us! 

Kaliopi Eleni

Luxury Designer, Actor, Adventurer!


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