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The Oracle™ accurately predicts, individual mood, behavior, performance and risk.
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Self-Care:  The Oracle™ will help you become stronger and more resilient. The Oracle™ helps you to understand why you feel well, or even great one day and not so great the next!  The Oracle™ can help you increase your performance and productivity, achieve your goals, no matter what task or endeavour you might be working on. The Oracle™ can help you to learn and understand the intricate nuances of communication, especially in matters of  romance, love and how to create and grow healthy, sustainable, strong relationships. With your loved ones, children and partner. Friends, family and co-workers. Parents, grandparents, the elderly and siblings too.
For Two:  Learn how you can apply The Oracle™ Self Care tools in your relationships. With your loved ones, partner, children, friends, family and even your co-workers. Learn how to create and grow a healthy, strong and sustainable relationship with your partner. Understand your partner better, even profoundly with new insight, understanding and wisdom. Share the journey together and learn how the tools provided by The Oracle™  support each of you to know one another better, stronger and profoundly. Watch your own personal intimate relationships grow into richly rewarding, healthy and sustainable lifelong friendships.
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Elite Athletes and general training, fitnessFitness The Oracle lifestyle and relationship
Avoid conflict, accidents and catastropheAvoid accidents The Oracle by Kaliopi Eleni lifestyle and relationship application
The Oracle™ is a powerful self-care, wellness, lifestyle and relationship application to help you and those close to you live your best possible lives. 
The Oracle™ can help you improve, refine and enhance your performance. Whether studying abstract theories of mathematics for your PhD, power lifting, performing Mozart’s piano concerto, designing, painting or sculpting fabulous art. With the personalized wellbeing tools included in The Oracle™, you can know with certainty and confidence what your day, today and in the days ahead will bring! And plan accordingly for out performance.
If you seek to excel and max your sense of wellness, well-being, and productivity for yourself, those you love and, in the workplace, the Oracle™ provides simple, fast, convenient tools to do this that are accurate and powerful.
Tools that can also help unlock the secret to relationships, love and more.
The Oracle™ accurately predicts your individual personal forecast, just like the weather and enables personalised in-depth insight and understanding so you will know with precision, what type of day (s) are coming and what to expect. A storm or warm, sunny days! Either way, you will be prepared and therefore able to excel and plan ahead with confidence. The insight and knowledge made available by The Oracle™ is powerful. With The Oracle™ tools at your disposal you are empowered to act, be proactive, outperform, stay safe and help those you love.
Two adults and Two Children (0-18 yrs):  Understand profoundly, your own personal family dynamic. How you, as the parent are experiencing your day, and how this dynamic is related to your partner and children. Learn how you and your partner can support and help one another in a family. Know with confidence what to expect from your children on any given day and in advance. How they will feel and behave. Will they be interested and excited to participate or completely disinterested? The insight and wisdom offered by application of  The Oracle™ set of wellbeing indicators to each of you in your family can be profound. You can help each other be safe, avoid accidents even catastrophes and know when the best time will be to live life to the fullest and go all out. Whether, at the beach, surfing, gym, playing football, cricket, netball, basketball or baseball. Or alternatively, rest, read a book, have a massage and relax. Whatever it is you love doing, together or individually, The Oracle™ provides fast, accurate tools to help you and all of your family stay safe and be well. The Oracle™ gives you the tools to create and grow a richly rewarding, healthy and sustainable family dynamic.
Improve workplace relationships and harmony, employee resilience, productivity, performance, safety and more. Build strong, healthy teams with outstanding team dynamics that support every team member, and the entire team to remain safe, work at peak performance and develop outstanding, cohesive comradery.
To find out more about how The Oracle™ by Kaliopi Eleni can be applied in the workplace and our unique workplace leadership skills building program and the benefits to be derived please contact us
Would knowing in advance, if a storm was headed your way, or alternatively if the days approaching were going to be fine, warm and sunny, be helpful? Could you avert disaster and catastrophe or plan for a special occasion, marriage proposal or day of outperformance accordingly?
The Oracle™ makes this possible!
No other application in the world can help you the way the The Oracle™ can!
And begin receiving your very own personal calendar and wellbeing forecast today. BRONZE (individual) SILVER (couples), for you and your partner or GOLD (family) and protect your entire family.
The Oracle™ is proven, with more than 30 years of in-house scientific research. The Oracle™ is fast, convenient, accurate and reliable. 
The Oracle™ operation is analogous to a weather forecast only personalised to you and those close to you. The Oracle™  is able to accurately forecast and predict your own indicators of wellbeing and those close to you.               Precisely, conveniently and quickly. Any day, any time. 

The Oracle™ is a mindfulness and well-being sector app. The technology comprises an amalgamation of different approaches to predicting human performance, wellness and behaviour. It is a proven technology with 3rd party validation, high degree of accuracy and an emerging customer base, locally and globally. The user inputs a variety of personal profile data into the app which provides a basis for developing predictive advisories targeted to upcoming dates or series of days on their calendar and enables the opportunity to act proactively in advance. The advantages are great and the applications broad. For example, to avoid risk, injury, accidents, confrontation and also to increase performance, productivity, resilience and improve harmony in relationships. Including the workplace.

The Oracle™
neither conceals, nor reveals, but indicates.
The only constancy in life, is change. 
c. 540BCE - c. 480.
The Oracle™ 
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