Why Dancewear?

When I was a little girl, in late 1960’s Adelaide, South Australia I would be dazzled by exotic belly dancers who performed at all of the Big Fat Greek weddings, my family regularly attended.  Many Greeks and other Europeans immigrated to Australia after World War II, my family no exception. The Greeks brought their strong cultural ways with them when they came to Australia, Big Fat Greek Weddings included.  In the 1970s as a young teenager, these women for me, were Goddesses I secretly worshiped. Their bodies moved so sensually. The dancer’s dramatically, expressed power, grace and beauty all at once! It was inspiring, mesmerising and incredible to watch.

I don’t have many regrets – but one I do have; I didn’t start belly dancing sooner! But here I am practising every day and performing my own interpretation and realising the more I learn the more I need to practise. For me, this art form can never be conquered. However, the dance continues to seduce me, it leads me and I find myself free. Free to express myself sublimely, free to feel deeply, life giving vitality and movement. I love to dance!

And so, I started a range of dancewear to be comfortable in, rehearse in and it has found its way into my everyday casual living.  My Dance Collection is designed for comfort, dance and life! Work hard, play hard either way be comfortable!

Dance your way through life!



Love Kaliopi! XXOO

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