Day 11 Wild Kingdom Drama! Up an away before sunrise to beat the
heat and its a dusty windy 4WD track to Piccaninny. From there a one
hour trek to Cathedral Gorge with The Bungle Bungle rock people
sheltering us from the hot sun. Brilliant earthy colours and textures to
entertain an artist for a lifetime! Then back on to the dusty rutted
rocky outback road with multiple river crossings to witness two
dingos attacking a Kangaroo. The power and strength of the dingo's
hind legs as he lept with open jaw to grasp the kangaroo's neck and
then swirl 200 degrees from the inertia was gobsmacking. The
kangaroo knew it had to stand and fight. One blow from him and he
can disembowel the dingos. Our sudden appearance paused this wild
kingdom saga. I managed to captured the "chase" but am not sure of
the ending, however I dont like the kangaroo's chances. (Then it
was back on the red ochre road of dust and willy willy dirt devils).

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