The Oracle™ neither conceals, nor reveals, but indicates.

The only constancy in life, is change.

Heraclitus  540BCE - c. 480.   

3 Min Full testimonial Naomi 14 Dec 22

Its empowering to know, what I am feeling and experiencing [on any given day] is a natural occurrence and not related to my mental health. No questions, but sooo accurate about the thinking.  

Naomi Oct 2022


What struck me while listening to your recordings, is that I’m not allowing myself to acknowledge what I am feeling. I’ve become a bit robotic. Thanks for the reminder to feel!  In a rush filled out an important form incorrectly (as was predicted).

Sarah Sept 2022


The Oracle was such a fantastic experience! I love having the ability to check in with The Oracle ongoing!

Gwendolyn July 2022


I loved the experience and felt the information was really personalised. I always looked forward to listening to the voice notes!

Holly  July 2022


The Oracle is a fun, easy and enjoyable way to get a little heads up and guidance to your upcoming day

Oriane  July 2022


I found my own readings from Kaliopi to be mostly accurate and many were

“spot on!” I was also able to look back a week and understand why my days were good or bad, by looking at her predictions.

Mimi  July 2022


Kaliopi is like no other! She has the most unique ability to get to the heart of issues in a most gentle and compassionate way that completely supports the recipient to integrate the learnings into their life. What a blessing and a shining light she is!

Joanna  July 2022


I have loved the readings from Kaliopi, they have helped me find strength

Sharon  July 2022


I enjoyed the insights into my energy and vibration with the world on a daily basis.
This information is invaluable to help inform you on why your feeling a certain way. It’s reassuring.

Rita  July 2022


It was at times personal and gave good insight about my world.

Carrie  July 2022


Amazing and magical woman!

Michael  Aug 2022


Kaliopi has done a terrific job of making this Oracle experience, relaxing, fun and interesting.

Sandra Aug 2022

Pretty good at predicting my energy levels and mental health issues. I would love to know more to help me prepare for the bad days.

Naomi July 2022


I love Kaliopi and her energy and knowledge. She has a way of making u think about situations differently and making you more in tune with your emotions and surroundings

Virginia August 2022


I have looked forward to reading and receiving video and information. I feel like Kaliopi has been spot on in many of her videos that she has sent. I was extremely impressed with the truth of the May message.

Ari  August 2022