Day 23 MORE!!! Whale Shark swim! Not even a half hour out on the Ningaloo Reef are these majestic mammoth Whale Sharks. Yes my friends you can swim with the Gods! Once the Exmouth aircraft spots them, they radio to the captain their location. Given they are not mammals they have no need to surface. Thus when spotted, the boat, crew and we guests must calmy enter the water to not frighten them incase they descend to deeper depths. Whale Sharks are always on the move, so the boat waits upstream and we slither in to greet him. A spotter keeps an eye on its location and we follow their hand signals till we are told to submerge. If one could gasp under water you would when you first see the submarine of a fish approaching. Then once the head is cleared passed (a rule is not to swim near the head) you have to swim rather vigouriusly to keep up! What an a-ma-zing exhausting and exhilarating experience which we repeated several times over!

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