Day Ten Hum of the Earth Crackle of the Sky Tour

   Off Grid El Questro, “Emu”private camp site by the river. Then a short walk to Zebedee ancient thermal springs to soothe our rather worked muscles. Surrounded by 1,800 million year old sandstone, luscious palms and a babbling oasis. Invigorated we set off to the Purnululu National Park to see the Bungle Bungle Rock People. Hard core corrugated dirt track with many water crossings to get to our next camp site and watch another brilliant sunset. Not for the meek.

    We arrived late into our private campsite, camp Emu at El Questro and only after traversing an extremely rough corrugated dirt track several times. Not only because we could not find our site but because we loved the dusk setting of the river crossing. We went back over it several times just because it was so beautiful and like a scene out of Jurassic Park. Dust lingered in the air along the track because it was so still and from the other campers returning from their day’s trekking in this most beautiful of classic rugged outback Kimberly scenery. Isolated it is, but a secret no more. A must see for any visitor to the Kimberly. On waking, we found ourselves perched high above a straight in the very same river we had crossed last night. Another spectacular sunrise, birds, fish jumping in the crystal clear flowing river and beautiful gum studded forest lining the banks across from us. Disappointingly, there were no fresh water alligators to be seen but we had been warned!

After a quick visit to Camp headquarters, the gift shop and café we were on our way to see the ancient Zebede therma springs. Another stunning back drop of pandanus and palms set the scene along the rugged path up the creek to the warm babbling spring pools. An ancient resting place even for the first nations people to soak, soothe, restore and reinvigorate tired and worn-out bodies! And ours were, from the extend hike into Emma gorge yesterday! We soaked in the bliss and took in the azure blue sky where it peaked through the palm frond laden canopy towering above us. The spring emerges from deep underground at the base of beautiful red sandstone cliffs behind us to form a cascading series of pools. All the time the sound of the babbling spring heightened the sensation of peace, serenity and calmness. Heaven we were definitely in.

By noon we were on our way, now to the Bungle Bungles! We reached the sealed road and shortly afterwards a flock of red tail black cockatoos escorted us down the highway for several kilo metres, ducking and weaving back and forth across the road in front of us! Telling us more beauty, drama and excitement is to come!

To say the road into the Bungles Bungles is rough is an understatement! It is windy, rock laden, dusty and to complete the picture includes many river crossings! The heavily laden jeep was severly tested on this track but we did manage, after several long hours to make it to our campsite just in time to watch the sunset and highlight the magic scenery of another of Australia’s great outback wonders! The very beautiful, mysterious and ancient rock of the Bungle Bungle stood right there in front of us! Tomorrow we would begin to explore!

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